From prickly pear cactus a resource for pet nutrition

It tastes good and it’s healty for tortoises, reptiles & co

Ficomore cladodes are the ideal food (vegan and gluten free) for land tortoises and many herbivorous reptiles, as well as other exotic pets, such as parrots. Not only because they love to eat but also because of the remarkable calcium and phosphorus content, two essential nutrients for bone growth and the health of their shell.
Extremely high in fiber but with barely any fat content, the prickly pear plant is a valuable aid for proper intestinal functioning as well.

Cladodes keep fresh for months

Ficomore cladodes are manually stripped of their spines, making them easy to handle and ready for consumption. Due to their peculiar plant structure, they can be stored for many weeks in a cool, dry place without losing their nutritional properties and organoleptic qualities. If necessary, they can also be frozen.

Some animals eat the cladodes whole, others need to be persuaded; therefore, it is advisable to cut the pad into small pieces to show them the succulent inner portion.